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About Donnell The Artist


Donnell Rector is a professional Portraitist and Visual Artist. He has established himself as an artist with a penchant for detail and an ability to address socio-political issues with powerful visual imagery. The NJ native has a signature style situated in the expression of black and white interpretations that exude the emotion and spirit of his chosen subjects. Much of his visual artwork mirrors his contempt for societal injustices and the quandaries that continue challenge color conflicts in America. He creates pieces with an undertone that compels viewers to delve into his frame of mind while becoming self-engaged in their own conscience, as it relates to the message being spoken from a visual context.


Donnell has been a professionally commissioned artist for 18 years. He has also accumulated a  collection of portait interpretations of iconic figures whose lives have inspired him in various ways.

While he enjoys the satisfaction of creating spot-on portraits his passion is centered around creating pieces that convey a social message. Being an avid reader and having earned his Bachelors of Arts in Sociology, he has developed a cleverness in combining societal taboo and artisitc expression.


“My favorite pieces are the ones that you have to think twice about mounting on your wall. Socially appeasing pieces are great (landscapes, still life, portrait…) but pieces that have the potential to make folks uncomfortable are POWERFUL.” D. Rector

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